Tony Rich spoke with his official website exclusively about his upcoming album BOY VICIOUS which hits online soon! The revolutionary pop music artist walked us through the album’s tracklisting and goes in detail about the plot and journey of the record.

“The tracklist is a story, it’s an experience. The musical layout of the album is not by coincidence. First track is ‘I Need You’ then the character sexually wants their partner going to ‘Inside Out.’ They’re in love and happy and they join together in ‘Lover’s Unite.’ Things are OK but taking an odd turn in ‘Roll With Me,’ and then the $hit hits the fans in ‘You Cheated.’ Then time passes and wounds begin to heal in ‘Baby You Got Me,’ then things perk up in ‘Dance,’ and ‘Follow Me’ brings up an upbeat hippie revival, concluded with ‘Seconds Chances’ which begs to ask the question of what’s coming on the next record!”